Monday, February 21, 2005

It doesn't matter

It doesn't matter that our household is multi-racial.

It doesn't matter that Minnesotans have had poor opinions of sports team owners from Calvin Griffith to Norm Green to Carl Pohlad to Roger Headrick to Red McCombs.

It doesn't matter that people in your own hometown haven't even heard of you.

It doesn't matter that even by your own representations you are not in nearly the same league as other sports owners, most of whom are billionaires.

It doesn't matter that your first public relations move was to release a resume that misrepresented your childhood, your educational background, and your (non-existent) career as a professional athlete.

Nope, because I am somewhat skeptical that you can pull this off, I'm a racist.

UPDATE: To be fair, it isn't Fowler who is playing the race card.

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