Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ignorance at the highest levels

Still looking for that last-minute Christmas gift for White House press secretary Dana Perino? May we recommend a gift certificate for the forthcoming book on the Cuban Missile Crisis by our colleague Michael Dobbs, "One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War," due out next summer?

Appearing on National Public Radio's light-hearted quiz show "Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me," which aired over the weekend, Perino got into the spirit of things and told a story about herself that she had previously shared only in private: During a White House briefing, a reporter referred to the Cuban Missile Crisis -- and she didn't know what it was.

"I was panicked a bit because I really don't know about . . . the Cuban Missile Crisis," said Perino, who at 35 was born about a decade after the 1962 U.S.-Soviet nuclear showdown. "It had to do with Cuba and missiles, I'm pretty sure."

So she consulted her best source. "I came home and I asked my husband," she recalled. "I said, 'Wasn't that like the Bay of Pigs thing?' And he said, 'Oh, Dana.' "
"[L]ike the Bay of Pigs thing?" Oh. My. God.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

More Adrian Peterson

This blog may turn into an archive of highlights of the most exciting rookie to enter the league since Gale Sayers. Here are the highlights from Week 13 against the Lions, where Peterson wore a 3 pound knee brace for the first time and was taken out of the game early in the second half. All he was able to do was gain 116 yards and score 2 touchdowns.