Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gopher football

Once upon a time, the Minnesota Golden Gophers were a national powerhouse in football. Now, with a beautiful new on-campus stadium that should make recruiting easy, they are a complete joke under the reign of a guy that was hired because he was supposed to be able to recruit.

On Sunday sitting in the clubhouse after a nice fall round of golf, I said that that the Gophers should target either Tony Dungy or Marc Trestman. I guess that I should write a sports column.

Tim Brewster is still the University of Minnesota football coach. But if there is a change, speculation will immediately focus on two former Gophers quarterbacks, Tony Dungy and Marc Trestman.

And count on it — Dungy will be the first person contacted, as he was after the Gophers fired Glen Mason. . .

Trestman, who is from St. Louis Park, coached the Montreal Alouettes to the Grey Cup championship in his first season two years ago. Last season, Trestman took Montreal to the Grey Cup finals. This season, the Alouettes are 9-3 and in first place in the Canadian Football League's East Division.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Suggesting the obvious

I'm not trying to find humor in this story; it is obviously tragic. But the odds are that it was a spectacular suicide, right?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twins win again

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at Target Field with my brother in his regular seats. First row, behind home plate. It was awesome. I took this pregame picture while in my seat, and it barely conveys the awesomeness of being so close.

I continue to marvel at how they did everything so right with this ballpark. This year, I have been in the upper deck in left field (2), lower deck on the third base line (1), in a suite (3) and, today, directly behind home plate. The views are obviously different from everywhere, but they are all magnificent. When the Twins were at the Metrodome, I would rather watch on TV than go to the game. Things are completely different now.

Today, with a lineup filled with guys who will not be on the post-season roster, the Twins won again. I am an eternal pessimist when it comes to my sports teams, but this team seems to have a special magic. I just hope that they can continue that magic for 6 more weeks.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

It is all about me

This woman is a piece of work. Just look at the picture, and you will know everything that you need to about her vanity.

Twins win

I went to my 5th Twins game at Target Field last night, and I'm now 4-1. Unfortunately, I didn't get to stay for the whole game. In the 8th, my daughter told me that she was sleepy, the Tigers had just tied the game, and I thought that it could go on for a long time. So I hurried home and was there by the bottom of the 9th. After missing in person but seeing on TV this exciting walk-off in the 10th, I told her to go to bed. "But Daddy, I'm not tired." Daddy was not happy with her.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Odd story


Sometime in the past 50 years, Wisconsin lost a couple of

Minnesota found them and, like a good neighbor, is giving them back.