Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twins win again

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at Target Field with my brother in his regular seats. First row, behind home plate. It was awesome. I took this pregame picture while in my seat, and it barely conveys the awesomeness of being so close.

I continue to marvel at how they did everything so right with this ballpark. This year, I have been in the upper deck in left field (2), lower deck on the third base line (1), in a suite (3) and, today, directly behind home plate. The views are obviously different from everywhere, but they are all magnificent. When the Twins were at the Metrodome, I would rather watch on TV than go to the game. Things are completely different now.

Today, with a lineup filled with guys who will not be on the post-season roster, the Twins won again. I am an eternal pessimist when it comes to my sports teams, but this team seems to have a special magic. I just hope that they can continue that magic for 6 more weeks.

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