Saturday, February 19, 2005

Centrist Chat

I received the following e-mail from William Swann, one of the founders of the Centrist Coalition.
Hi Todd. You may have already seen this on Centerfield, but I wanted to touch base about our new voice chat initiative.
We think that politically active moderates and centrists should find more ways to talk to one another. We're launching something called Centrist Townhall, which will be a live national voice chat between moderates and centrists.

We plan to hold them periodically, on a different topic each time, and we plan to feature a different centrist weblog with each chat.

This Sunday's meeting will feature Joe Gandleman of
The Moderate Voice. He'll share some thoughts about his blog, the centrist movement, and Gov. Schwarzeneggar's initiatives in California, where Joe lives.

The meeting will be Sunday, Feb. 20, at 9:00 pm EST. The details are available on our blog posting
here -- You can join the chat group here --

We'd really like to see as much participation as possible in the first meeting or two. Early participation is critical in helping us establish a new way for us all to talk to one another.

If you can make it to the first meeting, that would be great. If you're willing to put a post about it on your blog, that would be most helpful too.


Bill Swann
The Centrist Coalition

I plan on participating but, unless I get out and get a microphone for my computer, I will just be listening.

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