Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Voter identification

I am not a Democrat, but I am not a Republican either. This year, after months of deliberation and with no enthusiasm, I eventually decided to vote for Bush (and explained why here).

With those caveats, I think that the proud conservatives at Powerline may be right about this.
A poll released by Gallup today suggests that maybe it's starting to happen: by a stunning 37% to 32% margin, more respondents describe themselves as Republicans than Democrats. This represents a significant shift even compared to pre-election numbers. Do you suppose the Democrats' non-stop insults toward the electorate since Nov. 2, threats to secede, etc., might have been counterproductive?
Although I have not heard or read "non-stop insults," I have heard enough. I have also complained about suggestions that anyone who voted for Bush must be a homophobic, war-mongering idiot (see here and here). I have suspected that this rhetoric would have a cumulative (and negative) effect, and this poll reinforces my suspicion.

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