Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ukrainian election

Jeff Goldblum has a line in Jurassic Park that has always stuck with me.

B. D. Wong (Henry Wu): You are saying that a group of animals, entirely composed of females, will breed?

Jeff Goldblum (Dr. Ian Malcolm): No, I am merely stating that uhh... life finds a way.

I don't believe that democracy is inevitable in the same way that evolution is inevitable, but I do believe that, whenever possible, democracy will eventually find a way. The reality is that since 1974 the number of democracies in the world has tripled, from 40 to about 120.

Culminating in today's events, democracy is finding a way in Ukraine. Yushchenko appears to be headed to a landslide victory in the "do-over" election. Congratulations to the people of Ukraine; you are an inspiration for democratic forces everywhere.

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