Thursday, December 16, 2004

Good news/bad news

Good news.

Federal regulators have voted to begin allowing airline passengers to have high-speed wireless Internet access on their laptop computers on domestic flights.

Officials say Internet access might be found on the flights by 2006, once plans are completed and planes are outfitted with the equipment.

As a side note, my wife said she saw a story on the news last night in which the theme was the potential problems with people viewing Internet pornography on airplanes. What a joke. Have you ever seen a person bring a Penthouse or Hustler magazine on an airplane? How about a porn DVD to watch on a laptop? My gosh.

Bad news.
The Federal Communication Commission is considering whether to let passengers use cell phones on airplanes.
I would take a crying baby next to me over someone talking on his or her cell phone for an entire flight.

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