Thursday, January 05, 2006

New coach

I haven't said anything here regarding the firing of Mike Tice. In my opinion, it was the right decision that was handled very poorly. After telling everyone that there would be a meeting with Tice on Monday, Wilf fired him immediately after the game on Sunday and announced it to the players with a press release issued literally before the players were even dressed.

Anyway, it looks like a new coach has now been selected.
The Vikings will name Philadelphia offensive coordinator Brad Childress to be their next head coach on Friday, according to two persons with knowledge of the coaching search.

Childress, 49, interviewed with the Vikings on Tuesday and was scheduled to talk to the Green Bay Packers on Wednesday; that meeting never took place. Childress’ agent, Bob LaMonte, and Vikings executives were in contract talks late this afternoon. Childress and LaMonte did not return calls today.

I didn't know much about Childress until this week, but from everything I have read he seems like a good choice. There is also some childish satisfaction that comes from taking the guy that the Packers probably wanted to hire.

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