Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More Alito

Hey, my Dad left me a message on our voice mail today wondering if I had anything on my blog about Alito. That old dog may learn new tricks yet.

OK, Dad, this is for you.

Yes, I have been watching as much as I can of the replay on CSPAN. From what I have seen today, the Senators have been better in their questioning but Alito has been even better in his answering. It is over.

For the record: I'm not an Alito booster. But, he is undoubtedly qualified, he has pledged to never prejudge an issue, and is obviously smart as hell (if not Roberts-like in his delivery). If he can't be confirmed, particulary with a Republican Senate, that is wrong.

And, elections have consequences. If you don't like Alito, vote accordingly in the next presidential election.

A final point. Personally, I don't want a Supreme Court of a particular ideological bent. I want a Supreme Court of a diverse intellectual bent. I love the idea of Scalia and Ginsburg arguing by day, and then playing cards together by night (which is true).

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