Thursday, January 26, 2006


I seriously considered giving Sen. Kerry my vote in 2004. (See here.) He is now working hard to convince us that his "centrist" approach in 2004 had nothing to do with conviction. (See here.)

I have lots of problems with GWB, but at least he believes in something and sticks with it, for better or worse politically. Kerry has confirmed that he is a "finger in the wind" politician who is going to be embarrassed when he runs again in 2008.

The office of the person who received the Democratic nomination for President in 1984 (and lost by historic proportions) is very close to mine, and everyday when I see him I am reminded of my respect for him as a public servant, as well as the class he has exhibited since.

Senator Kerry, I work with Vice President Mondale. (Okay, we take the same elevator to the same floor every morning.) Senator, you're no Walter Mondale. (Or Paul Wellstone.) Your opinion is for sale based on where at a particular point in time you think the votes are, and I can't respect that.

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