Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Language abuse

This is from an article on the Notre Dame/Ohio State game yesterday.
The high point of the game came on the opening drive, when Notre Dame came out hotter than a $20 Rolex. They took the opening kick and went the length of the field as easily as if Ohio State was the scout team.

But the Buckeyes struck back on a 56-yard touchdown pass to Ted Ginn, Jr., and for the rest of the first half, Notre Dame looked tighter than Presidential security. Their composure evaporated like spit in a blast furnace. . .

Defensively, Notre Dame was exposed as what some had been saying it was all along — slower than an illiterate in a spelling bee. . .

Their offense that was marked all year by high explosives had been reduced to a popgun, but they took what Ohio State gave them all the way to the end zone to pull within seven with plenty of time left on the game clock.

Apparently the editor had the day off.

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