Friday, March 17, 2006

More than a fib

The big local political story here right now stars the State Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson, who is a minister. At a meeting with fellow clergy members, he told them that he had spoken with all members of the Minnesota Supreme Court about the gay marriage issue, and that the former Chief Justice had assured him that the Court was "not going to touch it." After the former Chief Justice flatly denied that such an unethical conversation ever occurred, Johnson attacked the people who recorded his words, and then later admitted to "embellishment."

Summary: A minister/politician lied to a group of ministers and attempted to convince them that at least one member of the Minnesota Supreme Court had violated her judicial oath and assured him that she had prejudged how she would vote with respect to any hypothetical gay marriage legal issues.

That swooshing sound you hear is Johnson's reputation disappearing down the toilet.

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