Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Kirby

One final good deed from Kirby (or maybe eight).
Kirby Puckett might get his wish to become an organ donor, experts say, in spite of the medical problems that led to his death Monday in Phoenix.

On Tuesday, doctors in Arizona were trying to determine which, if any, of his organs could be used in transplants, according to the Donor Network of Arizona. . .

Tonya Puckett, Kirby's former wife, smiled Tuesday when asked if it were true that it looks as though Kirby had many good organs to donate.

"I just know there are eight organs, one of which might be a match for his sister, Jackie," said Tonya Puckett, crossing her fingers.

Jackie, who lives outside of Chicago, has kidney disease, according to Tonya Puckett.

"I don't know the other organs they have [potentially] found matches for," she said. "It's just amazing. That's how my life with him was. He always made it happen, found a way to let somebody benefit; made some good out of everything, even in his death. How can you top that?"

I think that it would have to be comforting to the family of anyone who experienced a premature death to know that part of the body lives on and, in the process, one or more persons were given the gift of longer lives.

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