Friday, November 26, 2004

Vikings vs. Jags: Prediction

I may miss a few games here and there, but on a regular basis I am going to start memorializing my predictions on Vikings games so that I can offer an occasional "I told you so." I will probably also offer a brief post after each game in which I will either congratulate myself for my brilliant foresight or make excuses for my erroneous forecast.

Anyway, here I go.

After an embarrassing, decisive loss to the New York Giants several weeks ago, the Vikings followed up with heart-breaking last minute losses to Indianapolis and Green Bay in games in which my team did not play its best. Then, last week, the Vikings looked atrocious in the first half against Detroit. But Daunte tookover in the second half in what I think could be a very important game in his development as a superstar quarterback.

With Moss back this week, I look for Daunte to light it up. The big question is whether the defense can continue to improve, or whether it will regress, as it seems to do every year late in the season.

Prediction: Vikings 31, Jacksonville 21.

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