Saturday, November 13, 2004

Machines make noise - get over it

In the stupid category.
This morning at 9:30 at Van Cleve Park, Rueff is holding what he's billed as an urban noise and leaf blower forum. The purpose: Get Minneapolis to adopt an ordinance that would ban, or at least heavily regulate, leaf blowers.

City Council Member Dan Niziolek supports Rueff's initiative and will be bouncing ordinance proposals off those attending the forum.

In his heart, Niziolek -- who uses an old-fashioned push mower on his corner lot, rakes in the fall and shovels in the winter -- would like to see people dump all of their gas-burning outdoor tools.

Eliminate snowblowers, leaf blowers, lawn vacuums and gas-powered lawn mowers and you could improve air quality by 5 percent, Niziolek said. He added that the city would also be helping to solve the national obesity problem.

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