Sunday, December 26, 2010

Minnesota Sportsperson of the Year

The architect of Target Field. A great choice.
Santee's skills turned what he calls his most challenging project into his most rewarding professional triumph, a locus of limestone, glass, steel and grass that gleams in the sun and glows under lights. In one season, Target Field became to downtown Minneapolis what the North Star is to the night sky. . .

The result is what one New York Times baseball writer called "the best ballpark in America," a theater-in-the-round in which the play is not always the thing.

Target Field combines the nostalgic touches of a great museum, the sightlines of an intimate theater and the walkways, smells, sounds, bistros and even neighborhoods of a thriving city. It is the perfect setting in which to watch, or ignore, a baseball game.

Here is my post about my outside-the-gate 1st day experience at Target Field.

Below is a fan's home video of the flyover that I watched from the Plaza before heading home to watch that 1st game on TV.

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