Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Dick Morris.
Keeping Joseph Lieberman in the United States Senate is clearly in the national interest. One of the most ethical, sincere, thoughtful and balanced of senators, he stands as a monument to nonpartisan common sense in an increasingly shrill and polarized partisan environment.

But he is in the process of committing suicide. By insisting on running in Connecticut’s Democratic primary against anti-war candidate Ned Lamont, he is in a fight he won’t win and, in the process, destroying his chances in the general election, which he can win. . . .

The right dominates the GOP nominating process just as surely as the left controls that of the Democrats. This is no place for a centrist to thrive. . . .

This column is a plea to the senator: Don’t let hubris, overconfidence, unfounded optimism or even muddled confusion lead you to your death in the Democratic primary. We need you too much in Washington.
The hard core ideologues on both sides think that centrists are the enemy. How sad is that?

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