Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Heading off a cliff

Juan Cole certainly has infinitely more knowledge about the Middle East than I do, but he seems to take every fact and interpret it in a way that supports his view that absolutely nothing is going right in Iraq or the WOT generally, and that we are doomed to failure. Anyway, via Andrew Sullivan, we are reminded of this gem from Cole:
Personally, I'm not sure Zarqawi exists, so I'd be reluctant to send a thousand Marines after him and to majorly inconvenience (and from the video on Aljazeerah, partially flatten) poor little Sadah.
In the same post, he referred to the elections in Iraq as a "joke."

Cole is a hero of the left side of the blogosphere, a group that wants Joe Lieberman kicked out of the party for being a hawk, yet a group that Democratic presidential candidates are starting to cater to.

WARNING: Listening to these folks is a recipe for disaster in 2008. Instead, listen to the Moose.

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