Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Money to burn

Since I started this blog, I have refrained from any commentary on Matt Entenza because he was my predecessor judicial law clerk and he was someone who participated in my interview for the job. But in that job I had heard alot about him from people I respected (and long before he ever became a public figure), and I developed some definite impressions.

I have now decided that 20 years is the statute of limitations on expressing an opinion on a former colleague. So, I hereby express an opinion that anyone who spends $5,000,000 of his own (i.e., wife's) money to try to buy a public office is, by definition, too irresponsible to be in public office. (Unfortunately, Mark Dayton was successful in buying the same office for only $4,000,000 of his own money.)

I understand that the First Amendment makes reform in this area virtually impossible. But it still makes me sick.

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