Monday, July 12, 2010

Rev. Jackass

Jesse Jackson.

"He speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers," the reverend said in a release from his Chicago-based civil rights group, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. "His feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave."
No, LeBron had every right to leave. But to ask the world to tune into a one hour television event in Cleveland--his hometown and where he was worshipped--to announce that rather than renew his vows, he wanted a divorce, was about the most classless act I have ever witnessed.

Not that I need more evidence to support my opinion that Jesse Jackson is a jackass, but here is some anyway.

And who could forget this?

Rev. Jesse Jackson referred to Jews as "Hymies" and to New York City as "Hymietown" in January 1984 during a conversation with a black Washington Post reporter, Milton Coleman. Jackson had assumed the references would not be printed because of his racial bond with Coleman, but several weeks later Coleman permitted the slurs to be included far down in an article by another Post reporter on Jackson's rocky relations with American Jews.

A storm of protest erupted, and Jackson at first denied the remarks, then accused Jews of conspiring to defeat him.

Just go away.

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