Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Olbermann = Coulter

In describing the new junior Senator from Massachusetts, Keith Olbermann's quest to earn the dubious title of "The Ann Coulter of Left" is finally complete.
“In short, in Scott Brown we have an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against woman and against politicians with whom he disagrees.”
Now he can transition to the lucrative book market, where I have a suggested title for him that would be Coulter-esque: "Why All Republicans are Nazis Who Want to Rape Your Daughter". Well, have you ever heard a Republican reassure you that he doesn't want to rape your daughter? Hah!, I thought so.*

*When confronted, Olbermann defended the violence against women charge by claiming that some anonymous person at a Brown rally allegedly suggested that his opponent be physically hurt and that Brown did not publicly come out against the alleged remark which there is no reason to believe that he ever heard in the first place, if it was ever in fact made.

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