Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Polanski

This has really gotten under my skin in a "Mussolini made the trains run on time so he wasn't that bad" kind of way. From an invited contributer on NY Times editorial page today we find this:

"Of course what happened cannot be excused, either legally or ethically."
But he objects to -

"[t]he almost pornographic relish with which his critics are retelling the lurid details of the assault ."

Meaning, he objects to anyone actually reminding people of the reprehensible nature of Polanksi's actions. And then there is this:

"His past did not bother me . . . "

I guess that he was not bothered like Frank Sinatra was not bothered by the bad acts of the Mafia guys with whom he associated.

And as I mentioned in an update below, Woody Allen has now spoken. A film producer who married his daughter defending another film producer who is a child rapist. I wonder if they have some sort of secret society.

I say, again, what is wrong with these people? He is a convicted rapist and fugitive who gave the finger to the justice system. How can there be two sides to this story?

UPDATE: "The French" don't seem to agree with their Culture Minister, whatever the heck that job is.

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