Thursday, April 30, 2009

John Edwards

There are degrees of asshole-ishness. By any measure, John Edwards clearly deserves an A+.
After the former presidential hopeful confessed his betrayal, Elizabeth Edwards writes in her new book, "I cried and screamed, I went to the bathroom and threw up." . . .

Edwards admitted the hanky-panky to her days after declaring his candidacy in 2006 . . .
Let me recount. First, cheat on your wife who is suffering from terminal cancer. Second, convince her to back your bid for president. Third, only after she commits and you publicly announce your candidacy, you reveal to her that you have been cheating, a fact that is sure to be exposed and will cause her incredible public humiliation, on top of the deep personal hurt.

Once again, a scene from one of my favorite movies seems appropriate, although I include it only for the last line.

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