Monday, August 11, 2008


I have never understood the appeal of John Edwards. To me, he has always come across as a complete narcist phony. It never computed for me that he could gain political traction in a presidential race, but a guy like Chris Dodd could not. Michael Kinsley, in an email to Micky Kaus, opines that the MSM should issue a formal "correction" to its past Edwards' reporting.
AS for your laundry list of reasons to cover it, I think there's one more much simpler: the MSM told a story about Edwards—they told it often and loud—it was probably one of the best-known and totally accepted stories of the 2008 campaign: John loyally standing by his loyal wife as she deals with cancer. If the story isn't true, they should run a correction. My god, look at the things they run corrections over—the spelling of people's names, and so on. Yet they're leaving this huge story uncorrected, and leaving their readers misinformed. No?
I never bought the story, but the liberal Kinsley still makes an interesting point.

Oh, and if I were an Edwards' campaign contributor, I would sue him for fraud.

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