Sunday, July 09, 2006

Free market

I previously blogged about, here and here. I feel compelled to do so again today.

We are relandscaping our backyard. We have, literally, tons of river rock that is nice looking but not friendly to the feet around the pool. The general contractor landscaping proposals that we received for the backyard included $1,500 to $2,000 to remove the river rock. I thereafter decided to general contract the job myself.

To get started on the project, I put this up on on Thursday:
We are planning on installing flagstone in vast areas in our yard that are currently covered by nice river rock. If you are willing to put the sweat equity necessary into collecting some or all of the river rock, you could save $100s over purchasing the same from a nursery or Home Depot.
Despite the fact that it has been hot as heck here this weekend, 7 truck/van loads of rock have been carted away this weekend, with me watching from the air conditioned indoors. It is almost all gone, the people were thrilled to get it, and we saved huge bucks.

The Internet is so cool.

UPDATE: Make it 8 loads. One guy made another trip just before dark, his third of the day and fourth since Friday. He even brought pictures of where he is putting it.

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